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Your kids are welcome to sit in the sermon, but we also have an age-appropriate class for them! Kids can color and draw while listening to the lesson, and learn on their own level, with questions and analogies suited for kids to understand. This class is for kids aged 4-11, and is located in the back room.


The Nursery is a part of KidMin, but it is almost completely different. The Nursery is a place for your 3-year-olds, 2-year-olds, 1-year-olds, and younger infants to be. However, placing your baby or toddler in Nursery is not mandatory. If you feel that your 3-year-old is well-behaved enough to be in the older class, we can make that arrangement. But, of course, we cannot allow infants or young toddlers into the older class.


We currently have a schedule for our KidMin teachers and helpers, but if you would like to serve in this ministry, that would be marvelous! We can almost always use you!


Call Emily at (609)442-4375 for other information, or to offer your help in KidMin.

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